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About Next Holidays

Welcome to Nextholidays.

Armed with more than 14 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, Rohit brings to the organization a vision to provide seamless quality and reliable travel experience to the clients. His ambition is to contribute towards the growth of the Indian and world travel community. Passionate about travel himself.

Rohit obtained his qualification in Tourism & Hospitality Industry and ventured out on his own in November 2010 and began building Next Holidays with a small team.

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The essential travel factor, just like change

Companies like ours are in love with the travel instinct for Business and pleasure, Education and Leisure. Kids need to travel during vacations almost every year. Honeymooners will reach the ends of the earth to chase their romantic dreams. Business requires travel in groups and appropriate facilities for conferences, followed by relaxation tours. Senior citizens have a lot of travel to do in the evening of their lives, after getting free from official duties.

The travel and tourism infrastructure

Like the spider’s web, a vast industry brings together travel agents and accommodation, catering and tours, cars and buses, aircraft and ships to serve such universal needs. Technology binds it all together with effortless communication night and day from any corner of the globe. Information and payments are all safe and secure with the cloud facilities and constant online support. Coordinators are human and they are experienced and qualified professionals who will get to the essence of the travel experience and ensure that things happen without a glitch

Travel with us to the ends of the earth

Based in the ancient land of India with its diverse cultures, the company has 14 years of experience of travel and tourism. Whether the purpose is an unraveling of the infinite mysteries within the Indian subcontinent in Rajasthan and Punjab or flying overseas to Europe and sailing the ocean to Australia, every service is possible. It is not only the advanced and most powerful countries that are the most favored destinations. The exotic faraway places like the hills and islands, forests and wildlife parks get lots of visitors too. It all depends upon personal preferences and interests, professional duties, budgets and cultures, languages and religions.

Travel with a purpose

If you have the will to travel, we could suggest suitable holiday destinations and packages customized according to requirements. Several destinations may provide similar sights and thrills. Pilgrimage tours are specifically oriented towards a particular religion or philosophy. Sports adventures associated with beaches like diving and surfing or skiing on hills, camping in forests and rafting and gliding are some rich possibilities.

How far would you go?

The ideal vacation experience may be hard to realize! While weekend getaways to homestays near the city may bring happiness indeed to the kids and the adults alike, some would travel across the globe for a few pretty sights and exciting thrills. Armed with all the equipment like tents, cameras and suitable clothing, travel adventures never end.
Advertising and the media open up a fabulous world waiting to be explored. Whether it is within your native Indian state or across the ocean in Sri Lanka, across the world in South America, travel arrangements are quickly done. An efficient network online ensures that reservations for journeys, accommodations and tours are easily and accurately arranged.
Instead of one mighty splurge when you visit maybe seven countries within fifteen days in faraway continents, shorter and quicker tours to nearby destinations would be easier and more productive. In India, consider tours to the Far East countries and even the Middle East. In the modern fast world where everything is instant, even vacations come and go like lightning.

Professional Guides and Tour Operators

A bit of imagination and it is better understood how the travel and tourism industry works. At the heart is the digital communication arranged through the office workspace. On the other hand are the super facilities like lavish hotels and budget hotels too that are essential. After the exciting journey, you stay somewhere. Tour operators take over and organize the outings and the food, culture tours and the added facilities requested like the spa and the games.

We take care of the travel worries

It is the little things that everybody worries most about! Passport and Visa requirements, Foreign Exchange and Currencies, Rules, Laws and Regulations, they bother us all the time and even in the routine circumstances of daily life. Besides, things are constantly changing and you never know when certain requirements may change. Our staff will keep you informed of the new procedures and look after each detail. Get yourself and the family organized and build up a portfolio of documents if the holiday involves travel across the borders.
Ensure the safety of the home and the property during the temporary absence. While the family witnesses a world of Dreams make arrangements that the home does not suffer security issues.

Build up your sweet memories

Eventually, nothing may remain of the sensational travel adventure that took weeks and months of planning, but for souvenirs and memories. Make sure that enough shopping is done. The photographs and the videos, feelings and emotions too, would last long, really long. Something will change for sure like the re-charging process that gets rid of accumulated tensions. A relaxed feeling descends and schools and jobs are resumed on a positive note.
Remembering that the longest journey consists of endless steps just like the drops make up the ocean, think it over carefully. What do we hope to gain from the vacation? Things will remain basically unchanged after the return, but another chapter of experience has been added to the story of your life. We will make it happen.

Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport

Nextholidays suggest you to have copies of your passport it will be helpful incase of emergency and accident would occur.

Register with your embassy

Nextholidays suggest you to register with your embassy.

Always have local cash

Nextholidays suggest you to have local cash with you always if any problem occur while travelling.

Customer Testimonials

Mr Rajesh Ganapathi ( 25 May 2016 )

I have got all packages till date as far as I remember through Rohit with last one being Pataya/ Bangkok .. excellent follow up with complete assistance .. tailor made for keeping fly in mind .. great coordination as we had no issues all 6 days away from India .. found someone always at the hotel premises as per schedule .. All the best , hope you continue N keep up the excellent service standard !!!”

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